Bad Habit - Hear Say - imported from Italy by Listening Post Music

American born guitarist/song writer, Hal Marabel started this Swedish band back in 1986 together with former band member Doc Shannon. The idea was to create music concept that mixed hard rock with melodic tendencies from both of their past musical backgrounds.

Influences were bands like Journey, Toto, Van Halen and Boston but also other music genres such as Blues and Classical.

The next musician to become part of the band was Patrik Södergren (then called Stevie Rose) followed by Bax Fehling and the original drummer Jan Andersson. Jan was replaced by Jaime Salazar shortly after the release of the debut mini-album "Young & Innocent" in 1987. The album was released on CBS (now SONY).

In 1989, the band released the exclaimed debut album "After Hours" which made waves in the AOR community. The album was released on Virgin.

With the new CD [hear-say], BAD HABIT are back stronger than ever.

"...[hear-say] blows all previous Frontiers’ (and most other labels’) releases clean out the water. Imagine, if you will, bottling The Scorpions, Survivor, Fair Warning and The Backstreet Boys, distilling the mix, then processing the result through state of the art studio technology. Powerful stuff...."

"...Marabel’s incandescent tunes pick their way through bustling rhythms, scorching axework and trilling keyboards with a brilliant sonic clarity, leaving the opposition trailing desperately in their wake..."

Bad Habit - Hear Say - imported from Italy by Listening Post Music.

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1. To Love You
2. I Swear
3. All That I Want
4. Walk of Life
5. Reason
6. Alive
7. I Want To Know
8. Take Control
9. Tell Me Why
10. I'll Be The One
11. Can't Help Myself
12. The Air That I Breathe