Cope To Coast

No matter whether you grow up in the sun of California or snow of Pennsylvania, it seems like everybody hates their hometown. Eyewitness is four friends from around the country playing pop punk that's both musically fresh and lyrically relatable. They blend high vocals with even higher harmonies on top of expressive guitars and bass, all supported by blisteringly technical drums. With a sound that combines the best of Brand New, The Starting Line, and The Wonder Years, Eyewitness is bringing something new to the alternative rock table. Get out of your hometown. Get lost in the sound.

Eyewitness is: Keith Drago (drums), Clare Hunter (bass, harmony vocals), Taylor Hollingsworth (lead guitar). Jared Banares (lead vocals, guitar)

Also available on itunes - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/cope-to-coast-ep/id888282326 and other digital retailers.

Price- $7.00



1. Hometown

2. Open Door

3. Situations

4. Point Blank

5. Float Away

6. Maples