Freeze Time - Makeshift

Makeshift is the seventh album from Freeze Time. Freeze Time combines the talents of multi-instrumentalist Keith Drago with his brother Elliott’s bass playing and background vocals with their father’s Bud’s eclectic compositions. That plus a number of Freeze Time friends, most notably Vic Watson from Bud’s English punk rock band (Scissor Fits) adding sax and vocals to several tracks, (We also "borrowed" the name of Vic's current band for the name of the album),Jay Byham from listening-post artist Jay Bird and Haley Bee on lead guitar on It’s You and Glenn Ferracone on drums (The Fine Print). Let’s not forget background vocals by Wendy Drago, who also designed all of the artwork, and Angela Charamella on Boom Boom Hey Hey I’m Exploding.

The album starts off with a foot stomping rocker – It’s You and is followed by Tell Me So I Can Hear…a song based on the title of a book by Bud’s sister Elle. An acoustic song, Too Close To Be So Far Away discusses how sometimes little or no distance makes us less near than the opposite. Even Broken Glass Sparkles in the Moonlight explores how we can fall for the same tricks repeatedly no matter how old we may be. A Friendly Face echoes these same sentiments while Tomorrow There Will Be More is a song exploring the promise of love to grow over time.

I Almost Forgot About You is another rocker and reminds us that ghosts from the past are rarely gone just at times forgotten. New Shoes suggests that in order to grow we must be open to seeing new things and going to different places while What Lies Within Us explains that real growth ultimately comes from within. Ahh – old love – a theme that pops up again in I Used To Be Your Valentine accented by great sax work by Vic.

Not Needed, Not Wanted, Not Welcomed, Not Loved, grew out of an email conversation with a former colleague lamenting lack of respect by peers at the company – how true! You do all the right things and yet you are treated like a nobody! Said in a different way, If I had Feelings underscores that sometimes it is best to have thick skin when it seems as though the world is against you. The last non-bonus track on the album is We’ve All Got Windows expressing that no matter how we try to hide behind a façade it is all for naught as people can see right through us. Check out Vic's vocals on the chorus!

The bonus tracks include the three latest singles from Freeze Time – The Fine Print, Boom Boom Hey Hey I’m Exploding and Investment. The last song – I’ll Be Waiting Up For You Tonight – is a tender love song written for Angela! Freeze Time did this song in a much rockier way on our last album, Cheers, Mate, but this is an acoustic version and much closer to how Bud originally wrote it.

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Track Listing (click to play sample)

1. It's You
2. Tell Me So I Can Hear
3. Too CloseTo Be So Far Away
4. Even Broken Glass Sparkles In the Moonlight
5. A Friendly Face
6. Tomorrw There Will Be More
7. I Almost Forgot About You
8. New Shoes
9. What Lies Within Us
10. I Used To Be Your Valentine
11. Not Needed, Not Wanted,Not Welcomed, Not Loved
12. If I Had Feelings
13. We've All Got Windows

Bonus Tracks

14. Boom Boom Hey Hey I'm Exploding
15. The Fine Print
16. What Is Love?
17. Investment
18. I'll Be Waiting Up For You Tonight (Acoustic)