The Throne
by Groove Merchants

Listening Post is pleased to present a new set of music from the Groove Merchants!

Philly Blues/Funk outfit The Groove Merchants latest release, The Throne, takes the raw, high-energy style from their previous two albums and fuses in elements of contemporary rock and soul to give us their most complete sound to date.

For the first time ever, The Groove Merchants introduce keyboards to their sound. Combined with a revamped and slimmed-down horn sound from their last record, The Groove Merchants showcase their refreshed, full sound on The Throne. The record gives the listener a taste of everything The Groove Merchants have to offer: smooth, intriguing horn lines, a full, rich organ sound, a hustling rhythm section, and as always, powerful, howling vocals and fiery guitar. Songs like “You Are My Religion” and “Midnight Mountain Queen” illustrate how the band has captured its signature sound while infusing contemporary elements, while the title track, “The Throne,” is The Groove Merchants at their core: raw energy that strives to connect with the listener beyond the music itself. Highlighting a different side of the band is the up-tempo, percussion- driven “Stand and Deliver”, which finishes off with searing guitar and powerful horn melodies. “Take Your Time” showcases the group’s refined song writing, while “You’ve Been Steppin’” illustrates what The Groove Merchants have been laying down since they
began, honest funk.

These songs and more all help to craft the record’s thematic elements which explore the journey and the struggle that we all go through in our lives so that we may one day all finally sit on our own “throne.” Built on the hard work and lengthy grind of our own accomplishments, we have now earned a rightful place in whatever destination we may strive to reach. Through the most complex songwriting seen from them yet, The Groove Merchants attempt to capture this idea musically and lyrically on The Throne.

Formed at Kutztown University in 2012, The Groove Merchants have been refining and evolving their brand of Blues, Funk, and Soul elements for the past 7 years. Now based in Fishtown, Philadelphia, the group has played extensively throughout the PA region and along the East Coast. Their sound has grown into its most effective iteration to date on The Throne.


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Tracks with Spotify links

1. Back Around -
2. Take your Time -
3. Midnight Mountain Queen -
4. Them Signs -
5. Coal Miner Blues -
6. The Throne -
7. You Are My Religion -
8. You've Been Steppin' -
9. Stand And Deliver -
10. Taste -