Take Flight
by Jay Bird and Haley Bee



Listening Post is pleased to announce the signing of Jay Byham and Haley Bee with their debut album "Take Flight"The EP features fivesongs written by Jay between the years 2008-2016. Jay Bird and Haley Bee are two splendidly musical people. They have a musical flow and professionalism that permeates all their endeavors and this, “Take Flight” offering certainly expresses that.

This effort has a full band compliment, so it doesn’t sound like a live performance. That musical talent/gift they have does surface in the songwriting, performance, choice of musicians and recording.

Anything these two are involved with is and shall be a worthwhile musical experience for the listener. I recommend this “Take Flight” album to one and all.


Jay Byham: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass on track 4, vocals
Haley Beverburg: keyboard, backing vocals
Andrew Cappuzzello: drums
Matthew Burchfield: auxilliary percussion
Frank Toncar: bass
Michael Reardon: nylon guitar on track 5

All songs written by Jay Byham except (Track 4) written by Jay Byham and Sutter Hellwarth

Artwork by Janeen Heath

Produced by Jay Bird and Haley Bee, Frank Toncar and Reese Beeman

Recorded by Frank Toncar at Peace of Mind Productions.

Tracks 1, 4, and 5 mixed and mastered by Reese Beeman

Tracks 2, 3 mixed and mastered by Frank Toncar.

Huge thanks to everyone involved...Especially:Reese Beeman (Check out his band Seven Percent Solution, great stuff!!)
Bud Drago of Freeze Time (For enduring endless questions from me as I worked to put out this album.)
Janeen Heath (Who offered to do the cover art for the album. Need art for an album? Check her stuff out!!)

Our family and friends who support us!
We love you all!!

The EP is available through all digital outlets inlcuding CDbaby.com - https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/jaybirdandhaleybee2




1. Lost Cause

2. All Along

3. Fate Unkind

4. All I Need Is You

5.Crazy As It Is