Based in London England, Costar are an exciting new alternative Rock/Pop sound born out of frequent jam sessions that led to the formation of a bona-fide rock'n'roll band in the summer of 2002. Singer/Songwriter Brighton Gay always wanted to be a Cowboy too bad he grew up on the windswept, freezing west coast of Norway. There he hooked up with fellow Bergen musicians Boy Volvo and Boris Flashback to form a band; however things did not take proper shape until their relocation to London in 2001. The band started jamming with drummer Reno Nevada, lead guitarist Johnny Bull, and bass player Shane Lawlor. When the five started playing together as a band they realized that a formula was discovered.

Their sound is decidedly altrock/groovy - catchy guitar riffs fuse with cool beats and what one reviewer termed "electrospice" (listen to 'Peaking') - toss in other unusual rock/pop elements and harmonies and you have the Costar sound. The band began recording and gigging about London in the summer of 2002, and the debut EP became 'Brothers in Crime' - released in Norway on REC 90/EMI and in the UK on REC 90/Shellshock/Pinnacle on August 25.

The debut album from CoStar consists of the favorite tracks from the 'Brothers in Crime' EP (released in England and Norway) plus five new songs, including the first single 'Yeah Right'. Songs that stand, run and breathe on their own - 'Yeah, Right' jumps over the fence and races galloping straight at you. The second single 'Falling at my Feet' has been described by London's BBC 1 as "A masterstroke of a tune replete with gorgeous dreamy melodies and irresistible hooks

"Alright, this is pretty peachy. The off is 'Yeah Right' and for those of you lying awake at nights wrestling with the ancient riddle; 'Where do Dawn Of The Replicants and nasty 60's jangle-thrash meet?' will be able to be say and play 'Yeah Right' dance the answer and, eventually, get some kip. Everything on this is soooo slick, such a seamless, morph n meld between pop, metal, sugar, bile, melody and sleazy mayhem, that you'll wonder why you ever needed those other records. There are, because daft they ain't, another eleven tracks on this set, but the stall set out on 'Yeah Right' provides a reliable guide, they're screwing with the entire 60's brit-pop-rock cannon and that includes the scary, less well known bits as well, check 'Special', far more strange Syd than poppy Floyd. What elevates Costar from the huge chasing pack of two-toned, polo neck posing revisionists is the ruthless way they've dissected, destroyed the main influences and rebuilt 'em in tougher, 21st century ways, we have the technology and all that, but technology and a sonic honesty about your influences aren't, in themselves, anywhere near enough. Costar are aggressive and inventive. Production is absolutely ace, check the jammed, but clean power-ballad '4 Days', every piano strike audible in a well swirled mix, very sharp."

Unpeeled Magazine | October 1, 2004 | London

"Nordic four-piece Costar are heating up the radar of tastemakers across the globe with its radiant guitar-pop anthem 'Falling at my Feet'. The single sucks you in with its infectious guitar melodies and sing-a-long lyrics; this has the makings of a global hit! 'Keep it Light' is a brilliant new album."


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1. Yeah Right
2. Where You Go
3. Special
4. Lee
5. 4 Days
6. Still I'm Here
7. Peaking
8. Falling at my Feet
9. Downward Sprial
10. A Little Help
11. If I Can Change Your Mind
12. Dying of Boredom

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